Device Configuration - Linksys PAP2T


  1. We assume that you have configured the "Router" settings accordingly
  2. You have created a peer to use for this device. Creating a Peer for Softphones

STEP 1 - Apply a "Factory Reset"

  1. Plug an analog phone in "Line 1"
  2. Dial "****" and wait for instructions.
  3. Once you are asked to input an option, enter "73738" or "RESET" followed by the "#" sign

STEP 2 - Update the firmware

  1. Go to the manufacturer website and head to the "Download" section - Linksys -
  2. Select your PAP2T version in the drop-down menu
  3. Click on the "Downloads for this product" button to continue
  4. Download the firmware and extract the zip file to your desktop.
  5. Double-click on the executable file and follow the update instructions

STEP 3 - "SIP tab"Configuration

  1. Click the "Admin Login"link
  2. Click the "switch to advanced view" link
  3. Click the "SIP" tab


  1. Make sure the value RTP Packet Size is 0.020. Anything else could cause sound distortion

STEP 4 - Line 1 Configuration

  1. Click the "Line 1" tab.

  1. Select "yes" for the "NAT Mapping Enable" option
  2. Select "yes" for the "NAT Keep Alive Enable" option

STEP 5 - Ports Selection

  1. Chose an unused port from range 5060 to 5099 for the "SIP Port" texfield
  2. Enter the same value as "SIP Port" for the "EXT SIP Port" textfield
  3. Select "yes" for the "Sticky 183" option

STEP 6 - Proxy Server Configuration

  1. Type in the SIP Proxy Addres previously selected in STEP 3.D of "Creating a Peer for Softphones" guide

STEP 7 - Proxy Server Login

  1. Type in your SIP peer username previously typed in STEP 3.B of "Creating a Peer for Softphones" guide
  2. Type in your SIP peer password previously typed in STEP 3.E of "Creating a Peer for Softphones" guide

STEP 8 - "Dial Plan" Customization

  1. Type in the recommended dialplan in the "Dial Plan" texfield
    Recommended Dial Plan:
  2. Click the "Save Settings" button


  1. Reapeat steps 4 through 9 for "Line 2" if needed. You will need to create another peer for that.
  2. Enjoy !